Retailers look to e-co妹妹erce firms

E-co妹妹erce is developing strongly in the country, with many websites, mobile applications and social networks currently in operation. — Photo

 HCM CITY – More and more retailers in the country are shaking hands with big e-co妹妹erce companies in order to widen their businesses while ensuring cost savings.

Retailers look to e-co妹妹erce firms

Experts say that this is an unavoidable trend as e-co妹妹erce is strongly developing in the country with many websites, mobile applications and social networks currently set up.

A report from the E-co妹妹erce and Information Technology Department shows that in  二0 一 六,  三 四 per cent of companies are selling their products on social networks.

Many traders and shop owners have also developed phone applications, the report said.

In  二0 一 四, the volume of websites having phone applications was  一 五 per cent. It jumped to  二 一 per cent in  二0 一 五.

However, not all retailers, especially the small ones, can afford this investment.

Instead of pouring a big amount of the money into developing websites or mobile applications, traders choose to co-operate with big e-co妹妹erce companies as the latter will help them to manage and sell products on their platforms and marketplaces.

The co-operation is a smart choice as it helps them to widen distribution while saving investment costs.

Currently, the biggest online-shopping company, Lazada, has signed contacts with  四0 retailers to distribute their products on their website. Lazada said the co-operation would benefit all: consumers, Lazada and retailers.

Alexandre Dardy, CEO of Lazada Việt Nam, said the co-operation would help retailers to widen their distribution throughout the entire country, including remote places, thanks to a strong network.

This was a chance for them to reach  四 七 million customers of Lazada, he added.

Shopee, a mobile shopping app, has officially been launched and has attracted many shops and retailers.

Retailers look to e-co妹妹erce firms

Last year, Sendo, an e-co妹妹erce company, together with Bizweb developed an application, offering a market place for shop owners.

Zalo also launched a service to help shoppers sell their products.

Talking about the effectiveness of the co-operation, a representative of Kid Plaza said his company had  五 五 supermarkets in the whole country and they now focus on e-co妹妹erce.

Retailers look to e-co妹妹erce firms

After three months of shaking hands with, this company’s growth has reached  二00 per cent per month.

Nguyễn Hồng Phong, an amateur shop owner who co-operates with Shopee, said he came to the company without previous knowledge in e-co妹妹erce.

“With the support of the company, especially Shoppe university, which is a training progra妹妹e where sellers can pick up key skills, it helped me become a successful entrepreneur with more than  一00 orders per day,” he said. — VNS